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Bazoongi Play House Tent


First and foremost, Bazoongi Play House Tent is fun for children. However, it also helps teach some very valuable skills. Young kids learn through curiosity, imagination and action. Pretending or imaginative play, such as playhouse tent, can help develop a kid's social and emotional skills, improve language, encourage problem-solving and build other developmental skills. A number of lessons can be learned from playhouse.



When kid play house, they learn quickly about sharing responsibilities. Pretend or dramatic play allows kid to experiment with the social and emotional roles of real life. And through this cooperative play, the kids can learn how to share responsibility and take turns.


Playing house also promotes your kid's cognitive skills, as pretend play presents a number of problems to solve. From the beginning, the kids have to determine who will play which role. They must decide how to create a roof for the playhouse, who will take care of the kids and a host of other dilemmas. The children learn to work as a team and make decisions together for the household.


Playing house and other pretend play also can boost kid's self-esteem as they discover that, through imagination and creativity, they can be anything they want to be. These seeds of self confidence planted at an early age can help lay the foundation for your child's self-esteem as they grow.


Playhouse tent can help improve your kid's language and communication skills, too. As they pretend to be someone else (mommy, daddy, etc.), you'll find kid using words and phrases that you never realized they knew. Because they are imitating someone else, kids will begin to recognize the meaning of the words and develop their language skills.


Foster your kid's imagination and help develop their cognitive, emotional, language and social skills by playing house.


material from SheKnows Parenting


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