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Toys For Newborn Baby

New Born Baby Online Toy Shop

   In the first month of newborn’s life, they will be interested to such things that can be seen and be heard by them, before they learn on how to  grasp the object. Your baby will concentrate to various objects that are laid in a distance between eight and fourteen inches from their eyes. Due  to your baby’s incapacity to grasp, you can move objects to right and left repeatedly right in front of their face. If they like it, they will move their  hands to the objects to touch it.

   Bright colors with high contrast will draw your baby’s attention, because the colors are easy to see. They also will start to learn in appreciating    sounds and music. Music is the best tool to entertain and soothe your baby. So, start to play a music record and watch their responds.

    In order to play with your baby, you can also bring nearer a mirror to them. Although they have not still realized yet their existence in the mirror, your baby may be interested to their reflection from the mirror. When they are three months old, they may smile seeing what they see in the mirror.

  Besides mirror, you can also give your newborn a soft book / cloth book which contain pictures that can be seen to them, at the same time you can read them a story in that book loudly. By giving your baby a chance to grasp a toy that can produce sounds, it will help them to understand what their hands do and what impacts of it. To do the same thing (make your baby understand to what their hands do and what impacts of it), you can wear them a bracelet that can also produce sounds. Those sounds can entertain your baby and can give an experience in hearing new sounds that are produced by them.

  On their cribs, you can hang a bell right in front of their face in order to show to your baby that the bell can move and also produce sounds. Further, when they lie down on their cribs, your baby also having access to view the bell for a while before they fall asleep.

  Things that I’ve already mentioned above are all about giving your baby stimulation, especially for their brain development. The best toy for baby is not only provides pleasure, but also right stimulation for supporting their healthy development.





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