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What's to Munch

What's to Munch
What's to Munch
Brand: Baby Cake
Product Code: BC-2312
Size (length*width*height): 0in x 8in x 10in
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM138.00
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Baby Diaper Cake - What's to Munch
Age Group: 0+
Toy DHA:

* Wouldn't you like to give a gift that would be the highlight of the baby shower? A present that is original, practical, and guaranteed not to be duplicated? A gift that will never be forgotten? A special creation designed especially for both... baby and mom-to-be!
* Our diaper cakes are tiered creations and resemble actual cakes. They are made up of premium diapers as the foundation and are filled with all of the essentials a newborn baby would need. EVERYTHING IS USEABLE! Each tier of every diaper cake is wrapped in a blanket and/or hooded towel for the precious little one. Each diaper cake will contain a stuffed animal or toy as a cake topper! This will make a perfect baby shower décor or a baby shower centerpiece.

* Ingredients: 
* Bumble Bee receiving blanket polka dot design
* Mamypoko S size diapers (15 pieces)
* Animal Valley Toys R Us pink bear
* Simple Dimple Animal squeakies - bear
* Growin’ Up "What's to Munch?" bib terry with teether
* Ribbons + embellishments
* Delivered in thick carton box

Sex: Baby Girl
Size: 1 tiers 10" height, 8” Cake
Weight: 1.1 kg

Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - Whats to Munch 1

Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - Whats to Munch 2

Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - Whats to Munch 3

Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - Whats to Munch 4

Toy DHA 2u Baby Gift Diaper Cake - Whats to Munch 5


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