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Transformobile Tow Truck

Transformobile Tow Truck
Transformobile Tow Truck
Brand: EDToy
Product Code: W90145
Size (length*width*height): 14cm x 13.5cm x 9.5cm
Availability: In Stock
Price: RM108.90
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Transformobile - Tow Truck
Age Group: 3+
Toy DHA:

* Whenever there are in emergency, the tow truck is at your service. Amaze with the lifting structure and explain to your kid how it works. Build an engineer since young!
* Boring with toy that come in whole piece without knowing how they build up right? EDToy Transformobile(TM) series allow your kid to hone their creativity by combining and taking apart various pieces to create many different types of vehicle. Be an young engineer at the early age!
* Rotating magnet enable the blocks snap together regardless of the North-South polarity. The short jagged edges in each magnetic block generate clicking sounds when you twist the two snapped blocks. This also enhances the hearing sense during play.
* Using basic shapes such as triangles, squares and circles, children not only getting familiar with the various shapes but also develop the problem solving and critical thinking skill. It also train them on subtle skills of expression and interaction.

Size: 17x9.5x9cm
Weight: 0.490 Kg
Material: ABS, PC, Beech wood, ND magnet
Safety Test: CE, EN71

Toy DHA 2u Skill Chart EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck

Toy DHA 2u EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck 1

Toy DHA 2u EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck 2

Toy DHA 2u EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck 3

Toy DHA 2u EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck 5

Toy DHA 2u EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck 6

Toy DHA 2u EDToy Transformobile - Tow Truck 7

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